Enjoy the Scottish nightlife and pub scene with your international colleagues and make new friends as you explore the city!

With the great support of the Local Congress President, we’ve put together three themed pub crawls to experience the best Glasgow has to offer and cater for all tastes. Find your way around with the provided Strava routes and exchange your experiences after an exciting congress day!

The Classic Glasgow Pub Crawl

Explore the heart of Glasgow’s traditional pub scene with this classic route.

  • Starting Point: Scottish Event Campus
    • Begin your evening at the Scottish Event Campus, our congress centre and in general, a prominent venue known for hosting large events and conferences. It’s a great starting point with scenic views of the River Clyde.
  • First Stop: The Pot Still (approx. 20-minute walk)
    • Head to The Pot Still, famous for its impressive selection of over 700 whiskies. This family-run pub offers a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, perfect for whisky enthusiasts or anyone looking to try Scotland’s national drink.
  • Second Stop: Rhoderick Dhu (5-minute walk)
    • A short stroll will take you to Rhoderick Dhu, a traditional Scottish pub with a lively atmosphere. It’s a great place to enjoy some local ales and perhaps catch some live sports or music.
  • Third Stop: Horseshoe Bar (5-minute walk)
    • Next, visit the Horseshoe Bar, known for having the longest bar in Europe. This iconic pub is a staple in Glasgow’s pub scene, offering a range of beers and classic pub food in a bustling, friendly environment.
  • Fourth Stop: Sloans (10-minute walk)
    • Continue to Sloans, Glasgow’s oldest bar and restaurant, nestled in a beautiful historic building. They host regular ceilidh nights and other events, adding a traditional Scottish twist to your night out.
  • Final Destination: Champagne Central (5-minute walk)
    • Conclude your pub crawl at Champagne Central, located inside the glamorous Grand Central Hotel. This elegant bar specialises in cocktails and champagne, providing a luxurious end to your Glasgow pub adventure.

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The Craft Beer Trail

Dive into Glasgow’s craft beer scene with stops at some of the finest modern breweries and bars. Kick off at Drygate Brewing Co., where you can tour the brewery and sample freshly brewed beers. Next, venture to Shilling Brewing Co. to enjoy pizza and their in-house brews under a stunning ceiling mural. Move on to BrewDog Merchant City for a selection of innovative beers from one of Scotland’s most famous craft brewers. Finish at Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom, located by the river, which offers a wide range of local and international craft beers.

  • Starting Point: Scottish Event Campus
    • Kick off your craft beer adventure at the Scottish Event Campus, our congress centre and a landmark site for events in Glasgow. From here, you’ll head into the city centre, where your beer sampling journey begins.
  • First Stop: Shilling Brewing Co. (approx. 20-minute walk)
    • Walk towards the heart of Glasgow to visit Shilling Brewing Co., a unique brewery that crafts its beer right in the heart of the city. Enjoy the view of their impressive brewing area right behind the bar while you sample some of the freshest beers in town.
  • Second Stop: BrewDog Merchant City (10-minute walk)
    • Next, head to BrewDog Merchant City, part of the renowned BrewDog chain known for its punk ethos and innovative brewing. This location offers a wide range of BrewDog’s craft beers and guest brews from around the world.
  • Third Stop: Drygate Brewing Co. (15-minute walk)
    • Continue your crawl to Drygate Brewing Co., known for its fearless brewing. Drygate encourages visitors to experience the brewing process up close and personal, complemented by a great selection of food to go along with their extensive beer offerings.
  • Final Destination: Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom (10-minute walk)
    • Conclude your evening at the Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom. Known for their barrel-aged beers, Innis & Gunn offers a cozy environment to enjoy some of the richest flavours Glasgow’s craft beer scene has to offer.

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The West End Whirl

Set off on an exciting pub crawl through Glasgow’s West End, beginning at the Kelvinbridge Underground Station. This route offers a captivating blend of classic pubs and vibrant bars, each with its own unique appeal and perfectly captures the essence of the area’s lively social scene.

  • Starting Point: Kelvinbridge Underground Station
    • Kick off your West End pub crawl right after stepping out of the Kelvinbridge Underground. This area, known for its lively atmosphere and cultural offerings, sets the stage for an unforgettable night.
  • First Stop: Inn Deep (approx. 3-minute walk)
    • Your first destination is just a short walk from the station. Inn Deep, located by the River Kelvin, is a haven for craft beer enthusiasts. With its riverside seating and extensive selection of beers, it’s the perfect place to start your evening. Enjoy the relaxed vibe and perhaps some live music.
  • Second Stop: Ubiquitous Chip (15-minute walk)
    • Next, head to Ashton Lane to visit Ubiquitous Chip, affectionately known as “The Chip”. This pub is an institution in Glasgow’s culinary and drinking scene, featuring a stunning indoor courtyard that feels like a secret garden. It offers an excellent selection of drinks and a true taste of Scotland.
  • Third Stop: Tennent’s Bar (2-minute walk)
    • Just a stone’s throw from The Chip, Tennent’s Bar is your next stop. A classic among locals, this pub is known for its traditional Scottish ambiance and an impressive range of beers, including many from the nearby Tennent’s Brewery. It's a great spot to mingle with locals and enjoy some pub grub.
  • Fourth Stop: Aragon (5-minute walk)
    • Continue your crawl to Aragon on Byres Road, a dynamic bar in the heart of the West End. Aragon offers a lively atmosphere with a great selection of beers and spirits. It’s a popular gathering spot, providing a snapshot of Glasgow’s vibrant nightlife.
  • Final Destination: Record Factory (10-minute walk)
    • Conclude your night at the Record Factory, further down Byres Road. Known for its music-driven nights and expansive beer garden, this venue is perfect for ending your pub crawl with a bang. Enjoy the live bands or DJs as you recap the night’s adventures with your last drink.

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