The sport and exercise sciences is a relatively young discipline and there has been significant progress over the last 30 years. This combined with an increased requirement for academics to publish more has transformed the situation of a lack of specific information to there being more information than can easily be processed. Arguably this deluge of information in the digital age extends well beyond academia. Thus the challenge faced by many students and academics is how do you cope with this? Is there a way that helps me to be more efficient? The digital age has thankfully brought some solutions to solve the problems that it has created.

However this workshop is not just about software solutions, yes it will give examples of useful software but it is important to grasp that no single piece of software will give you the answer - even chatGPT and goes well beyond the use of a reference manager. Instead this workshop will explore the nature of the problems you have, some of which you have not yet fully appreciated and start to get you to think more systematically about developing your own Personal Knowledge Management system that exploits the new tools now available. The workshop is not designed to give you the perfect solution as each of us will have our own system or workflow but it is designed to get you to think through the problem and to introduce you to some solutions as a starting point. This is very much an interactive workshop, so bring your laptop so I will lead you through some specific examples, explaining some of my own experiences. I will be utilising a platform called Logseq so you may want to install that on your laptop prior to the workshop but this will be used as an example as there are several similar packages available that do a similar job.

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Date: Tuesday, 2 July
09:00 – 10:30
Session room: Boisdale 2


Prof. Richard Davison
University of the West of Scotland
Head of TNE and Mobility
Scotland, United Kingdom
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