The link between physical activity and the brain has never been more accepted, and yet, not well understood. It is known that exercise plays a role in mental health; that mental fatigue can impair subsequent physical performance; that physical activity plays a major role in psycho-cognitive development during childhood; that an active lifestyle provides a degree of protection against cognitive decline with aging; and that sleep plays an essential role in preparation for, and recovery from, elite sporting performance. The Active Brain represents an area of research examining the interrelationships between physical activity and the brain, across the contexts of health and performance. Understanding these interrelationships and considering the physical and mental aspects of an individual, are important for maximizing the safety, well-being, and performance of individuals across a variety of settings, and throughout the lifespan.

Date: Wednesday, 3 July
Time: 16:30-17:30 (during Poster Session)
Lecture Room: Alsh 2


Prof. Ben Rattray
University of Canberra
Canberra, Australia
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