Science and innovation are among the pillars of the Olympic and Paralympic project driven by the city of Paris. With this unique context in ECSS history, our 16-institution consortium chose the motto Explore ● Enlighten ● Perform as the backbone of ECSS Paris 2023. The current effervescence around sport science in France should naturally facilitate this vision. The legacy we aim to help ECSS create is threefold:

  • To open the doors of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic hosting city to ECSS. In this context, ECSS could become the main medium of sport performance knowledge dissemination from the lab to the field, federations, teams and professional clubs. The strong and living network INSEP has built in the last three years could be an outstanding tool to achieve that goal.
  • To contribute to bridging the gap between science and practice, as illustrated by the link between the words SPORT and SCIENCE of our congress logo. As historic members of the INSEP network, sport stakeholders will be invited to actively live the ECSS experience and to witness how collaborative research initiatives may contribute to change practice in performance and clinical settings.
  • To participate in the promotion of health through physical activity. This goal will be embodied through ECSS-IOC joint sessions on the topic of sport medicine. Furthermore, the rapid development of urban space we are currently seeing in Paris gives fantastic momentum to ECSS to stamp its own imprint on society’s transformation of the 21st century.

We’re eager to welcome sport scientists, students, clinicians, staff and sport practitioners from all over the world to create a living network prone to share the most recent knowledge and creative research initiatives.


Supported by the French Ministry of Sport and the Organising Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, our local community has engaged a tremendous impetus to promote cutting-edge knowledge in various areas of sport science. The Palais de Congrès de Paris will be the perfect nest for welcoming the event in a stimulating social and professional setting. Our group is extremely motivated to make this 28 edition of the ECSS annual congress an enjoyable and stimulating experience for leading exponents and thinkers in our field.

We are therefore confident that we will be able to build an attractive multidisciplinary academic programme arising from the combined expertise of the institutional partners of our consortium and beyond. We’re expecting stimulating sessions dedicated to the most fascinating areas of sport science, from social environments, sport biology, physiology, psychology, neurosciences, physics, material and engineering, to tissue biomechanics. The following highlights may catch your attention, amongst others:

      • ECSS Paris 2023 is just 10 minutes from the location of the Olympic and Paralympic ceremony one year prior the event
      • A-list keynotes addressing multidisciplinary sport science topics
      • Joint sessions with international societies and recognised speakers in their field
      • Living workshops including sport stakeholders and leaders in sport industry
      • The patronage of the flagship institution of elite sport in France
      • The tremendous places steeped in history of the Ville Lumière
      • The French gastronomy and the Parisian energy

See you in Paris 2023!

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