The following criteria are followed when reviewing abstracts of the ECSS Young Investigators Award:

  • The research is original, i.e., not already published (see below*) at the time of the submission.
  • The research has relevance for sport and/or exercise and its effects on performance and/or health and/or aspects of well-being.
  • The abstract has been carefully prepared and is well structured.
  • The background and relevance are clearly described.
  • The work is innovative.
  • The methodology is sound and the data/arguments/reasoning are solid.
  • Where there are quantitative data in the abstract, the study has enough power, and appropriate statistical tests have been performed to underpin claims on significance.
  • Where there are qualitative data in the abstract, these are reported/interpreted using established paradigms/frameworks and contextualised appropriately.
  • In the case of a mixed-methods studies, a brief description of both types of methodological approaches should be provided, as well as reporting the data to meet the criteria of quantitative and qualitative data listed above.
  • There is a clear and justified conclusion at the end.
  • The research is either highly significant for the respective field or has potential high impact for the future (e.g., development of new methodologies/interpretations that will generate new knowledge and impact for society).

*This means that the work is not published, or accepted for publication in any peer-reviewed journal nor in any book, whether indexed or not, in an established disciplinary database.

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