ECSS follows the local and national guidelines for COVID-19 during the congress.

We take health and safety measures for our congress participants seriously. We want you to enjoy the congress without having to worry about this. We will be following the local and national guidelines for COVID-19 health and safety measures.

Current guidelines

  • Travellers no longer have any formalities to complete before arriving into mainland or overseas France.
  • Mask-wearing is no longer mandatory in establishments open to the public, nor on board maritime, river, land and air transport.
  • Mask-wearing continues to be recommended in enclosed and small spaces, and at large gatherings for vulnerable persons due to their age. It is also highly recommended in hospitals and retirement homes.
  • A health pass is still required to access some place, such as medical establishments / retirement homes and establishments for people with disabilities.
  • Rules requiring the presentation of a vaccine pass are suspended.

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Face masks

Wearing a face mask is still recommended:

  • in closed and crowded places and public transport (metro, train, bus, plane, etc)
  • in large gatherings, including outdoors, for people who are fragile due to their age or their pathologies
  • in the presence of elderly, immunocompromised or chronically ill people
  • for fragile people (elderly or immunocompromised)
  • in hospitals and for the elderly¬†
  • in the event of symptoms and up to 7 days in the event of contact status at risk or on release from isolation


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