The Gatorade Sport Science Institute (GSSI) is the Official ECSS Sports Performance Hydration and Nutrition Platinum Partner. Through this award, GSSI promotes young scientists and their research relating to sports nutrition and hydration to further advance the development of these scientific fields. Abstracts submitted in these two areas in the oral presentation format may opt in to apply for the GSSI Sports Nutrition Award during the abstract submission process.

Entry criteria

  • An ECSS membership for 2024 is mandatory by 15 February 2024.
  • Researchers must currently be enrolled as a Master’s or a PhD student studying sports nutrition and/or hydration or related subject.
  • The presented research must be of relevance for these scientific fields.
  • The work is original and has not been published, or accepted for publication, at the time of the ECSS abstract submission deadline: 15 February 2024.
  • Former GSSI Sports Nutrition Award winners are ineligible for the following year’s competition.
  • Employees of GSSI are ineligible to enter the GSSI Sports Nutrition Award.
  • Research that is directly funded by GSSI is ineligible for entry to the respective award.
  • An ECSS YIA award winner cannot be at the same time a GSSI award winner and vice versa.
  • Please tick 'Yes - I wish to apply for the GSSI Sports Nutrition Award' during online abstract submission and upload the required document.

Evaluation criteria

  • The oral presentation has been carefully prepared, using appropriate and high-quality visual means, and is well organised.
  • Abstract quality:
    • The background and rationale for the study is clearly described.
    • The methodology is well described, the statistical analysis appropriate and the data are solid.
    • The presenter justifies the conclusions based on the data and the relevant literature.
    • There is a clear take-home message at the end.
    • The work is advancing current knowledge.
  • GSSI is committed to supporting diversity in sport science and nutrition. The awards will adhere to the guidelines defined by the EU Platform of Diversity Charters.


  1. Abstracts on the topic of sports nutrition and/or hydration for oral presentation format must be submitted through your ECSS account by 15 February 2024, the application for GSSI Sports Nutrition Award has to be ticked during the submission process and a digital copy of your current student enrolment certificate including its expiration date must be uploaded.
  2. All abstracts are reviewed for acceptability by independent ECSS experts in the field. Three further expert scientists of the partner will decide among all applications on the five finalists.
  3. The five finalists will present their work during the congress in the oral format in front of the award panel.
  4. The panel will need to come to a mutual decision about the winners of the GSSI Sports Nutrition Award.
  5. The winners will be awarded during the GSSI Award Ceremony. Attendance is mandatory for finalists.
  6. Important notice: An ECSS YIA winner cannot be at the same time a GSSI Sports Nutrition Award winner and vice versa.

Prize money

  • 1st Place: €3,000
  • 2nd Place: €1,500
  • 3rd Place: €500
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