Our mission is to reveal natural talents, without tedious questionnaires and cognitive biases, thanks to the body intelligence the ActionTypes approach (ATA) exposes.

ActionTypes is the founding approach (1989) to the identification of natural strengths through movement and coordination, known as motor signatures.

Bertrand Théraulaz and Ralph Hippolyte are the two founders of this approach of natural movement. Starting from a need for performance in sport, they quickly realized that their discoveries could have major repercussions for the personal development of individuals, teams, and groups.

We have acquired the conviction through contribution to numerous world and Olympic medals that one of the best ways of developing people and teams in sport, business, education, and well-being is to highlight the coherence of motor dynamics adapted to the context and the intention pursued by individuals and/or groups.

Thanks to this experience, we have highlighted 5 essential principles of the AT approach manifesto:

  1. Emergence and intention, rather than expectations and objectives,
  2. Simple motor solutions, rather than complex cognitive strategies,
  3. Individual autonomy, rather than dependence on exogenous advice,
  4. Adaptation to context (via motor and contextual intelligence), rather than ready-made recipes,
  5. Confidence and expression rather than doubt and inhibition.

We are a community of recognized professionals and scientists working in various fields (sport, business, education, therapies, etc.).

For more than 25 five years, we have been contributing to the birth of that spontaneous and natural movement science under the impetus of the founders, the leaders of our scientific committee (Dr Pascal Prévost, Sciensport, Prof. Wolfgang Schöllhorn, differential learning), as well as qualified support professionals trained in the identification of natural strengths, also known as motor preferences.

We invite all those who are interested, committed and sensitized to individualization through motor preferences to visit us at our booth and join our booth talk!

"If you guide a person along the road, you are helping them to build their own path!”

Date: Thursday, 6 July, 12:15 – 12:35
Location: Peps People Booth ID 72

Contact persons:

Bertrand Théraulaz
Co-Founder of the ActionTypes Approach
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prof. Wolfgang Schöllhorn
Founder of the Differential Learning approach (DL)
University Mainz (Germany)

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