ECSS offers various awards, some of which take place during the annual congress.

Young Investigators Award (YIA)

One of the key objectives of the ECSS is the promotion of young scientists and the fostering of state-of-the-art research. For this purpose, the ECSS established the Young Investigators Award (YIA). Since the inauguration of the ECSS and its first annual congress in Nice, France in 1996, the YIA is an integral part of the ECSS annual congress. Young scientists have the opportunity to enter this prestigious competition for scientific excellence, where outstanding scientific work can be presented at the annual congress. A jury consisting of the ECSS Scientific Board and ECSS Scientific Committee grants the awards based upon an oral and mini-oral presentation for the top ten presentations respectively.

Each year the ‘YIA Cocktail Event’ reunites all former YIA winners at the ECSS annual congress–an ECSS-based network, uniting generations of sport scientists. Today, many former YIA winners are still closely connected to the ECSS and even support the ECSS in its boards and committees. The award has functioned for previous YIA winners as the starting point of their scientific career.YIA applications that meet all requirements are welcome online, using the abstract submission process of the upcoming ECSS congress.

There will be generous cash prizes for the YIA 2023 finalists.

Oral presentations

  • 1st 4.000 Euro
  • 2nd 3.000 Euro
  • 3rd 2.000 Euro
  • 4th 1.000 Euro
  • Equal 5th 500 Euro

Poster  presentations

  • 1st 3.000 Euro
  • 2nd 2.000 Euro
  • 3rd 1.000 Euro
  • 4th 500 Euro

Important notice: A YIA award winner cannot be at the same time a GSSI award winner and vice versa.

Gatorade Sport Science Institute (GSSI)

Nutrition Award Abstracts submitted in the area of sports nutrition in the presentation format of oral or poster may opt-in to apply for the GSSI Nutrition Award during the abstract submission process.


GSSI is the Official ECSS Sports Performance Hydration and Nutrition Platinum Partner. With this award, GSSI is promoting research in the field of sports nutrition and hydration.

Entry criteria

  • ECSS membership 
  • Paid congress registration fee 
  • There is no age limit and all scientists can compete for this award
  • The research has relevance to sports nutrition and hydration
  • The work is original and has not been published, or accepted for publication, at the time of the abstract submission deadline
  • GSSI Nutrition Award winners are not eligible for the following year's competition
  • Employees of GSSI are ineligible to enter the GSSI Nutrition Award
  • Research that is directly funded by GSSI is not eligible for entry to the respective award
  • A YIA award winner cannot be at the same time a GSSI award winner and vice versa

Evaluation criteria

  • Abstract quality
  • The presentation (oral) has been carefully prepared, using appropriate and high-quality visual means and is well organized/structured
  • High quality of oral presentation
  • The background and rationale for the study is clearly described
  • The methodology is well described, the statistical analysis appropriate and the data are solid
  • The presenter justifies the conclusions based on the data and the relevant literature
  • There is a clear take-home message at the end
  • The work is advancing current knowledge.

Reviewers panel

All abstracts will be reviewed by two independent experts in the field to be nominated by the ECSS. A third reviewer will be an expert scientist in the field representing the sponsor.


  • Abstracts submitted in the topic of nutrition in the presentation format of oral and poster may opt-in to apply for the Nutrition Award
  • Out of all applications received, the top 5 will go to the final round
  • The five finalists will present their work during the congress in the oral format in front of the award panel
  • The panel will need to come to a mutual decision about the winners
  • The winners will be awarded during the GSSI Award Ceremony.  Attendance is mandatory for finalists.

Prize money

  • 1st Place: €3,000
  • 2nd Place: €1,500
  • 3rd Place: €500

European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS) Best Paper award

Complementing ECSS’s mission to ‘disseminate high quality, innovative science’, this award showcases the most innovative science published in EJSS. The winning paper and all nominated papers are available free to access for a limited time following first announcement of the winner until one month following the ECSS annual congress.

Eligibility for the award

Journal papers published in the calendar year prior to the congress are eligible for the award. For example, in 2022, papers will be considered from Volume 21 (the calendar year 2021).


Associate Editors will nominate papers from their section published in the calendar year. An editorial team will review all nominations and select an overall winner.


  • Open to all age groups and career levels
  • Section Editors will nominate papers for consideration according to the following criteria:
  • Originality: The paper is innovative and constructively engages with new or complex problems.
  • Significance: The paper makes an important contribution to the advancement of knowledge in sport science.
  • Methodological rigour: The paper uses robust and appropriate methods to address the research question.
  • Potential impact: The paper has the potential to alter prevailing theory or practice in sport science.


January, Award Opens: Editor-in-Chief contacts Associate Editors for their nominations.
February, Nominations: Editor-in-Chief reviews nominations and selects best paper winner.
March/April, First Announcement: ECSS Office informs winner and invites winner to attend congress.

Award ceremony

In normal circumstances, the EJSS Best Paper Award is officially announced at the ECSS Annual Congress just before the congress closing ceremony and the winner will be called to the stage. A cheque will be handed over by the Editor-in-Chief and ECSS President. 

Prize money

  • €1,000 (Euros) in prize money is granted to the winner of the award
  • Congress registration fees are waived for the first author of the winning paper


The EJSS Best Paper Award will be announced via all ECSS channels, including websites, newsletters and social media.



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