Submission guidelines

EJSS’ submission guidelines can be found here.

Competition to publish in the journal is high. Here are some tips from our Editorial Team:

  • Be novel, be original and seek feedback from colleagues.
  • Think: originality, significance, importance. Do the best science you can.
  • Use an Editor or editing service.   
  • Take advantage of the review process.
  • Use the resources available.
  • Read all about the journal you are submitting to, including back copies.
  • Follow the instructions!.
  • Spend plenty of time on abstract and title.
  • The job is not done when it’s accepted. You need to communicate your research through social media avenues. Be creative and use infographics, videos or video abstracts.

Don’t submit:

  • Something of no scholarly interest.
  • Work that is out-of-date.
  • A duplication of existing, published research.
  • Incorrect or unacceptable research.

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