Presenters (= first authors) must be registered and have paid the congress registration fees by10 June 2022 to guarantee publication of their abstract in the Book of Abstracts of the 27th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science –ECSS Sevilla 2022. Late registrations will lead to an exclusion of the abstract and an exclusion from the scientific programme.

Invited presentation

Invited presentations are presented by invited speakers in PowerPoint format (16:9). Each speaker has 20 minutes to give their presentation, leaving 5 minutes for a short introduction and discussion after each presentation. Exact timings are left to the discretion of the chair but must not exceed 75 min. Invited presentations must be pre-uploaded in the Speakers Ready Room one day in advance of your presentation (e.g. Wednesday morning for presentations on Wednesday afternoon). The use of your own laptop or USB is not permitted. Abstracts need to be submitted according to the defined standards of the ECSS and within the given abstract submission deadline before 4 April 2022.

Oral presentation

Oral presentation format is PowerPoint (16:9). Oral presentation time is 10 minutes plus 5 minutes of discussion. Oral presentations must be pre-uploaded in the Speakers Ready Room (it is located next to the registration and opens at 07:30 am) one day in advance of your presentation (e.g. Wednesday morning for presentations on Wednesday afternoon). The use of your own laptop or USB is not permitted.

Conventional print poster (debated)

Size is A0 (height: 120 cm, width 90 cm). The poster format is portrait. The poster presentation time will be three minutes plus two minutes of discussion. Poster presentations do not require any PowerPoint presentations. All posters shall be put up in the morning of the presentation at the poster boards established and all posters have to be removed in the evening. Pre-upload is NOT required.

Please note that by clicking on the image below (Print your poster with our Online Service), you will be leaving the ECSS service and will be redirected to a third party vendor`s service (Copiarte Sevilla/Spain). Any activity, including purchase made, on the third party service shall be governed by such third party vendor`s terms and conditions.

E-poster (not debated)

The format requires a pre-upload of an e-poster in pdf format (one slide only) in landscape (horizontal) orientation (140 cm (55 in) width x 79 cm (31 in) height). The e-poster must be pre-uploaded in advance of the congress via your ECSS account (deadline 26 August 2022). Abstracts accepted in this format will be published in the eBook of Abstracts of the ECSS Sevilla 2022 congress. At the same time, the e-poster will be made available online and on-screen. The e-poster format can be accessed at any time during the congress, using widescreen TV's located in the general e-poster area. There is, therefore, no formal presentation time, and no formalised discussion time. If discussion is required, presenters will be contacted directly (by email) by interested parties.



The new conference and exhibition centre (also known as ‘FIBES II’) has become one of the most prominent and modern venues in Europe since opening in September 2012, targeting large scale events with an international scope. This is the place where ECSS 2022 will be held. This impressive centre is ideally designed for meetings and is adjacent to the original building.
To participate in ECSS Sevilla 2022, you will be asked to register for the congress. Registration is only available through your ECSS account. To register you will be asked to enter your existing ECSS account or create a new ECSS account. Please note: registration will be completed once you have paid the registration fee. Payment is not required to submit an abstract.

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