Over the years the ECSS has established a fine pool of vital partnerships within the sport science related industry. Apart from two-way visibility those partnerships provide mutual exchange on scientific research and competence.

Most ECSS activities and services provided would simply not be possible without the continuous commitment of its partners.

The ECSS very much appreciates the support of


Platinum Partner

Official ECSS Sports Performance Hydration and Nutrition Partner - GSSI

Founded in 1985, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) is committed to helping athletes optimize their health and performance through research and education in hydration and nutrition science. GSSI scientists study the effects of nutrition on the human body before, during and after exercise and translate this complicated science into practical applications. For nearly three decades, hundreds of amateur, elite and professional athletes have participated in testing with GSSI and in studies with university research partners around the world. GSSI’s headquarter lab in Barrington, IL, satellite laboratory at the IMG Academy and on the field testing enable GSSI to do leading research with the aim to provide athletes with recommendations to help their performance and achieve their goals. For more information and additional resources visit


Gold Partner

Official ECSS Partner - Catapult

Catapult empowers elite coaches globally with scientifically-validated metrics for the advancement of athlete performance. Catapult engineers wearable technology that provides objective information behind athlete risk, readiness and return to play. The company was born out of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and a scientific research organization and provides an all-encompassing solution with research-based insights in to athlete management.


Silver Partner

Official YIA Partner - European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS)

Since 2001 the European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS) is published as its official peer-reviewed journal of the ECSS. The EJSS consists of original research articles and intra- and interdisciplinary reviews of the sport science research from scientists worldwide. It is published bimonthly, ten issues per year, both in print and as online editions. Registered with an impact factor the EJSS is accepted for Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports®. Over the last years the EJSS has steadily grown with the number of gradually increasing submissions each year.


Bronze Partner

Official ECSS Partner - CORTEX Biophysik GmbH

Since 1991, CORTEX is a competent partner in regard to spiroergometry systems and mobile respiratory gas analysis systems. Our solutions record and measure a person‘s physical fitness and performance. Only if physical limits are known, they can be extended in an efficient and quantifiable manner. CORTEX’ systems exactly measure physical limits and help to extend them.
With the main product lines METALYZER® and METAMAX® CORTEX offers mobile and portable solutions for proven diagnostics in hospitals, doctor’s practices and training facilities. Our solutions are used by sport's physicians, cardiologists, pulmonologists, occupational and rehabilitation physicians, coaches and sports scientists around the world. The head office in Leipzig has a worldwide network of local sales and service partners on all continents. All products are CE certified and meet European standards for quality and safety. All CORTEX partners are quality controlled in sales and service.

Official ECSS Partner - Kistler Group


Kistler’s unique piezoelectric measuring technology has been helping to improve training methods in sports institutions, clinics and Olympic training centers for more than 50 years.
Thanks to their extreme durability, accuracy, linearity and sensitivity, Kistler force plates deliver reliable, reproducible results. Innovative design, quality manufacturing and cutting-edge technology ensure that biomechanics laboratories around the world can rely on a futureproof measuring solution.
Kistler force plates, hand force measuring systems, performance analysis systems, signal conditioning electronics and analysis software support high-resolution motion analysis in performance diagnostics, rehabilitation, research, and product development.
Kistler is present worldwide with 30 sales and production centers.


Official ECSS Publishing Partner - Routledge Taylor & Francis


Taylor & Francis is one of the world's leading academic publishers, and drawing on expertise developed since 1798, is dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly information. Taylor & Francis publishes 2,500 scholarly journals, including the European Journal of Sport Science, the official journal of the European College of Sport Science, as well as 1,000 books on sport for teaching, research and reference, available in both print and online formats.


Official ECSS Partner - adidas innovation team (ait.)

The ait. group has created many amazing innovations that continually push the boundaries of performance products


ECSS Supporter

Official ECSS Supporter - h/p/cosmos sports & medical GmbH

Since its establishment in 1988, h/p/cosmos® has had a lot of infl uence in sports, athletics, ergometry, rehabilitation and science through the development and distribution of new products, software, system solutions and application methodologies. During this time the Traunstein based company has developed into THE German specialists in manufacturing treadmill ergometers and systems for fitness, sports, sports science, sports medicine, athletics, biomechanics, medicine, rehabilitation, therapy, ergometry, performance diagnostics and scientific research. Many developments and pioneering work from h/p/cosmos® have influenced not only product design and functionality but also their usage and methodologies.


Official ECSS Supporter - Microgate S.R.L


Microgate works in four fields: Professional Training, Training & Sport, Medical Rehab and Engineering.
In Training field the main products are: OptoJump Next (Run and Jump analysis), Gyko (inertial measurement tool for the analysis of the movement of any body segment), Witty Timer and WittySEM (smart indicator for training for reactivity, agility, motor-cognitive abilities)


ECSS Partnership

The various activities of the ECSS offer a wide range of partnership options tailored to your specific needs. Target group-oriented product and service exposure is possible via several channels reaching key players within the field.

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