The European College of Sport Science (ECSS) is excited to welcome over 3.000 participants to the 23rd annual Congress of the ECSS in Dublin, Ireland.

Fantastic invited scientific programme and a record number of abstracts are presented at ECSS Dublin 2018! There are several different session types covering multi- and interdisciplinary research in sport and exercise science. Specific sessions and topics covered at the congress can be found through the search engine.

Additionally participants are able to build their congress programme though the congress app available in their ECSS account.

Dublin is a bustling city and has various tourist attractions for visitors. We have collected a list of 28 things to do in Dublin here.

Host institutions

University College Dublin (UCD) and Ulster University are the host institutions for ECSS Dublin 2018. UCD is the largest university in Ireland, with over 30,000 students from 120 countries studying extensive range of disciplines. Ulster University is a multi-campus university located in Northern Ireland and it is the second largest university in Ireland. Please read more here.

Congress Venue

The Convention Centre Dublin
Spencer Dock
North Wall Quay
Dublin 1

Scientific highlights at the 23rd annual Congress of the ECSS


[PS-PL01] Muscles in Motion: Neural Determinants of Function
04.07.2018, Start: 17:15, Lecture room: The Auditorium
Chairs: Madeleine Lowery, University College Dublin [Ireland]

  • Neural Strategies of Movement Revealed by in Vivo Decoding of the Neural Drive to Muscles
    Farina, D. [United Kingdom] Read
  • Neuromuscular Determinants of Differences in Manual Dexterity
    Enoka, R. [United States] Read

[PS-PL02] Physical Activity and Exercise Behaviour; What Counts Most, Genes or the Social and Physical Environment?
05.07.2017, Start: 11:30, Lecture room: The Auditorium
Chair: Willem Van Mechelen, VU University Medical Center [The Netherlands]

  • The Genetic Determinants of Regular Voluntary Exercise Behaviour
    De Geus, E. [The Netherlands] Read
  • Physical Activity and Exercise Behaviour; Focus on Social and Physical Environments rather than Genes
    Bauman, A. [Australia] Read

[PS-PL03] Brain and Muscle Learning: Modern Day Perspectives
06.07.2017, Start: 11:30, Lecture Room: The Auditorium
Chair: Paul Greenhaff, University of Nottinham [United Kingdom]

  • Linking Brain Dysfunction and Motor Unit Physiology in Essential Tremor
    Vaillancourt, D. [United States] Read
  • Muscle Memory and a New Cellular Model for Muscle Atrophy and Hypertrophy
    Gundersen, K. [Norway] Read

[PS-PL04] Tom Reilly Memorial Lecture: Physical Activity and Human Enhancement Drugs: A Health Hazard or a Useful Behaviour Change Technique?
07.07.2017, Start: 11:30, Lecture Room: The Auditorium
Chair: Cecilie Thogersen-Ntoumani, Curtin University [Australia] & Tim Cable, University of Birmingham [United Kingdom]

  • Physical Activity and Human Enhancement Drugs: A Public Health Concern?
    Backhouse, S. [United Kingdom] Read
  • Pharmacological Facilitation of Physical Activity Behaviour
    Marcora, S. [United Kingdom] Read

Please find the full scientific programme here.

Young Investigators Award (YIA)

Once again the ECSS Young Investigators Award (YIA) will be the highlight of the congress. ECSS aims to support young, up-coming sport scientists and foster the state-of-the-art research.

Since its inauguration the ECSS has given the young scientists an opportunity to enter to this prestigious competition for scientific excellence. Within the competition exceptional scientific work is presented at the annual congresses of the ECSS. A jury consisting of the ECSS Scientific Board and Committee grants the awards based upon oral and mini-oral presentation.

Today many former YIA winners are still closely connected to the ECSS and even support the ECSS in its boards and committees. The award has functioned for previous YIA winners as a starting point of their scientific career.


Congress facts

Registrations (3 July 2017) 2,664
Abstracts accepted 2,002
Delegates from 60 countries
YIA Finalists 86
Plenary sessions 4
Invited sessions 41
Oral sessions 161
Mini-Oral sessions 43
Conventional print poster sessions 40
E-posters 263


Top 10 abstract topics

Training and Testing 325 16%
Physiology 293 14,5%
Health and Fitness 217 11%
Biomechanics 142 7%
Psychology 134 6,5%
Sports Medicine and Orthopedics 116 6%
Nutrition 112 5,5%
Neuromuscular Physiology 98 5%
Motor Learning and Motor control 88 4%
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 70 3,5%

ECSS Workshops - 4 July 2018

  • EWSS - Getting published in high quality journals and making an impact with your research

More information and list of sponsored workshop


  • 4 July - GSSI Sports Nutrition Satellite: Athlete Health - hosted by Gatorade Sport Science Institute (GSSI)
    Location: Satellite ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017 - Gesundheitscampus Nord 10, 44801 Bochum, Germany
  • 4 July - Psychosocial and policy related approaches to Mental Health and Wellbeing in Sport- Chartering the path towards a Mental Health and Wellbeing Consensus Statement
  • Training load and challenges of the Dose-Response relationship

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SportEx2018 - Exhibition

A large area has been allocated for SportEx2018 with 53 exhibitors, which will form the hub of the congress from 4 - 6 July.

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Main social events

  • Opening ceremony and welcome reception
    4 July 2018, start: 19:00
  • 4th ECSS Bengt Saltin Run 2018
    6 July 2018, start: 06:30
  • Closing Ceremony and Congress Party
    7 July 2018, start: 16:30

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Media Breakfast

4 July 2018, 10:00 – 10:30, room: Wicklow Meeting Room 1

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