It was another fantastic year for the ECSS Young Investigators Award! A wide range of research was presented by 86 young and emerging scientists to an international audience in Dublin, Ireland.

ECSS would like to thank all 86 finalists for their valuable contribution and their hard work and preparation for presenting their findings at this year’s congress. We hope it was a valuable experience for all involved.

The 14 YIA winners were awarded at the ECSS Dublin 2018. 10 in oral presentation category and 4 in mini-oral presentation category.

Oral presentations

Oral presentations are given via PowerPoint and participants have 10 minutes to present plus 5 minutes for discussion. In this year’s oral presentations, 63 finalists were chosen to present their work in front of the ECSS scientific committee and the ECSS scientific board. Here are the 10 finalists (the top three are nominated to be ECSS Exchange Delegates for JSPFSM 2018 in Japan):

1st Place (4.000 Euro):

Alessandro Del Vecchio, Imperial College London, United Kingdom. Populations of Longitudinally Tracked Motor Neurons Increase their Discharge Rate Following Four Weeks of Isometric Strength Training

2nd Place (3.000 Euro):

Jean Nyakayiru, Maastricht University, The Netherlands. Blood Flow Restriction Combined with Low-load Resistance-type Exercise Increases Myofibrillar Protein Synthesis Rates in Young Men

3rd Place (2.000 Euro):

Michael Wheeler, University of Western Australia, Australia. Interacting Effects of Exercise and Breaks in Sitting on Cognition in Older Adults

4th Place (1.000 Euro):

Nathan Hodson, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Investigating the Role of Vps34 as an Amino Acid Sensor in Human Skeletal Muscle

5th Place (500 Euro):

Paul Ansdell, Northumbria University, United Kingdom. Alterations in Neuromuscular Function and Fatigability of the Knee-extensors Across the Menstrual Cycle

5th Place (500 Euro):

Marie Elena Bey, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. Patellar Tendon Stiffness Is Not Reduced During Pregnancy

5th Place (500 Euro):

Gaspar Epro, London South Bank University, United Kingdom. Retention of Fall Resisting Skills Over 1.5 Years in Older Adults: Effects of Perturbation Exposure and Plantar Flexors Neuromuscular Exercise

5th Place (500 Euro):

Rea Lehner, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Reward Improves Motor Performance by Modulating Motor Network Activity

5th Place (500 Euro):

Sam Scott, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom. Successful Implementation of a 12-week Home-based Hit Intervention in Obese Individuals with Elevated Cardiovascular Disease Risk

5th Place (500 Euro):

Dimitrios Vlachopoulos, University of Exeter, United Kingdom. A 9-month Jumping Intervention to Improve Bone Acquisition in Adolescent Male Athletes: The Pro-bone Randomized Controlled Trial

Mini-Oral presentations

Mini-oral presentations are short PowerPoints of 3 minutes and a further 2 minutes for questions and answers. The winner will be an ECSS-ESSA exchange delegate and will be invited to present his/her research in the Exercise & Sport Science Australia congress in 2020.


1st Place (3.000 Euro):

Henri Tilga, University of Tartu, Estonia. The Effects of Web-based Intervention Program on Physical Education Teachers’ Autonomy-Supportive and Controlling Behaviour

2nd Place (2.000 Euro):

James Mckendry, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Preserved Skeletal Muscle Mass and Function in Chronically Trained Master Athletes Compared With Age-matched Untrained Older Individuals

3rd Place (1.000 Euro):

Benoit Smeuninx, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. The Effect of Acute Oral Phosphatidic Acid Ingestion on Myofibrillar Protein Synthesis and Intracellular Signaling in Older Males

4th Place (500 Euro):

Felix Möhler, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Expert vs. Novice Comparison for Walking and Running Using Three-dimensional Uncontrolled Manifold-Approach

Congratulations to all winners!

Thank you all for the successful congress in Essen and see you all at ECSS Prague 2019 next summer!

For further information and high resolution images, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also send us your published work, to enable us to link it to our ECSS in the media section.

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