European Journal of Sport Science: Video Abstract

Recommendations to maintain immune health in athletes
Neil P. Walsh

DOI: 10.1080/17461391.2018.1449895
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In this video review I’ll provide evidence based recommendations to maintain immunity and void infections in athletes. Starting at the top right I begin with talking about training stress and how that may influence immunity. I’ll then go on to talk about life stress with known from many years now that high levels psychological stress can increase the incidents of common colds.

Recent evidence in Olympic athletes indicates that anxiety and depression are also important risk factors. And our recent work has shown that anxiety in psychological stress could influence the immune response to exercise. So the mind matters too.

I’ll go on to talk about sleep recommendations. Why is it that athletes are recommended to get seven hours sleep a night and how important is that?

It’s long been know that high altitude stress, hypoxia, can lower aspects of immune function. And getting cold and wet might not be such a good thing also for immunity and avoiding infection. Why is that?

Long-haul travel is recently been associated with a significant increase in common colds. Three to five times increase in the numbers of common colds in athletes after long-haul travel.

Having an energy deficit, no energy availability, is also known to lower immunity and also being an important risk factor for common colds in elite athletes. Are there nutritional counter methods that can be provided to bolster or even boost athlete’s immunity?

I’ll discuss all of those things and provide some really simple recommendations to avoid infections in athletes.

Hope you enjoy the paper. Thank you.

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