This invited sessions on Saturday 7 July at ECSS Dublin 2018 focuses on transnational sports migration.


The chair of the session is Doctor Paul Darby (University of Ulster at Jordanstown).

The first speaker Professor Sine Agergaard (Aalborg University, Denmark) talks about “Dreams to Reality? Right To Dream, Fc Nordsjælland and Female Football Migration from Ghana to Denmark”. Professor James Esson (University of Loughborough United Kingdom) on the other hands focuses on “Human Trafficking in Football: Debates, Policies and Ethics”. The third speaker Professor Christian Ungruhe (Aarhus University, Denmark) handles “Precarious Post-Careers. Occupational Challenges among Former West African Footballers in Northern Europe”.


Here is how Doctor Darby approaches the session.

“The migration of athletic labour is one of the defining features of sport in the twenty first century. This issue has acquired prominence in the social scientific research on sport. Over the last five years this field has seen a shift away from macro-level, structural analyses of sport migration to more nuanced, athlete centred perspectives that engage with a range of theoretical perspectives to account for how sports men and women encounter transnational mobility. This session contributes to this trend but it adds a novel dimension by addressing three under examined aspects of transnational sport migration: the emergence of transnational pathways for female African football players (Ghana to Denmark); the intersections between sport migration and trafficking (African football players); the post-career experiences and trajectories of migrant athletes (from Africa to Scandinavia).”


  • The role of faith in shaping aspirations for migration through sport.
  • The emergence of transnational pathways for female African football players.
  • The intersections between sport migration and trafficking.


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See you at 08:00 – 09:30 on Saturday 7 July 2018 in Liffey Meeting Room 2 at the CCD!

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