One of the invited sessions on Friday 6 July at ECSS Dublin 2018 asks if exercise really is medicine?


The chair of the session and the first speaker Doctor Dominic Malcolm (Loughborough University, United Kingdom) focuses on “A Critical Sociological Examination of Exercise as Medicine”. Doctor Enrico Michelini (TU Dortmund, Germany) on the other hand talks about “The Biomedical Perspective on Exercise. A Sociological Analysis”. The third speaker Doctor Agnes Elling (Mulier Instituut, The Netherlands) focuses on “Sport as Medicine and other (Changed) Meanings of Sport and Physical Activity Among People with Chronic Conditions”.


Here is how Doctor Malcolm approaches the session.

“This session seeks to scrutinize the increasingly international Exercise is Medicine programme, and the many similar physical activity health promotion policies implemented by governments worldwide. The session will feature a combination of conceptual, ethical and empirical papers which explore the intentions and motivations for such policies, and the qualitative experience of those populations who subscribe to or are targeted by such health interventions. While giving primacy to qualitative, social scientific perspectives, this session will be of interest to a wide range of researchers in physiology, sports medicine and particularly those who are involved in developing, introducing and monitoring such public health interventions.”


  • Considers some medical ethical considerations of Exercise is Medicine.
  • Explores the conflict between the official prescriptions and the patients’ lived experiences of exercise as medicine.
  • Multinational coverage focussing on Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, UK and USA.


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See you at 09:45 – 11:15 on Friday 6 July 2018 in the Auditorium at the CCD!

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