Wednesday’s plenary session at ECSS Dublin 2018 will focus on muscles in motion – neural determinants of function. The session will be chaired by Professor Madeleine Lowery from University College Dublin, Ireland.


Professor Dario Farina (Imperial College London, United Kingdom) will speak about “Neural strategies of movement revealed by in vivo decoding of the neural drive to muscles” and Professor Roger Enoka (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA) on the other hand will speak about “Neuromuscular determinants of age and sex differences in manual dexterity”.


Here is how Professor Lowery will approach this session.

“Recent advances in surface electromyography have provided new insights into neuromuscular control strategies and the activity of populations of motor units across a variety of motor tasks.  This has opened new perspectives in the analysis of neural strategies for movement control.  This plenary session will provide an overview of technical advances in electrode sensors, biosignal processing and modelling methods for studying motor unit behavior.  Insights from recent experiments will be presented, including the effects that the aging processes and the presence of neuro-degenerative diseases can have on fine motor control and the role of sensory motor processing in both genders. The feasibility of tracking motor units over weeks during longitudinal training studies will be demonstrated, and insights into modulation and plasticity of the motor unit pool provided by adaptation to training interventions, including endurance and high-intensity interval training, will be discussed.”


  • New advances in decoding neural control strategies during movement.
  • How muscle strength, upper extremity function, and sensorimotor processing contribute to differences in dexterity.
  • Effects of training, aging and neuro-degenerative diseases on motor control.

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See you at 17:15 – 18:30 on Wednesady 4 July 2018 in the Auditorium at the CCD!

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