Meet the new ECSS President, Professor Joan Duda     

 “We’re in a good place and we’re working hard to be in a better place. We’re moving forward.”

During the 2017 ECSS Congress in MetropolisRuhr, Germany, ECSS Fellow Professor Joan Duda took the stage and gave an inspirational presidential lecture.

As our new ECSS President, Joan, an esteemed Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology, gave her thanks to congress organisers and all ECSS participants and members who are at the heart of the organisation. The theme of ECSS 2017 revolved around ‘four I’s’; namely, ways in which we can recognise and celebrate Inclusion, Inactivity, Individuality and Identification in our work. In describing challenges to and key considerations for the field of Sport Science, Joan’s presentation focused around her own ‘four I’s’:

  1. Inclusion
  2. Interdisciplinarity
  3. Implementation
  4. Impact

“ECSS is an inclusive organisation. Although we are the European College of Sport Science, there are 84 countries represented at our annual congress.”  Joan also acknowledged all of the women who have contributed to the College since its inception and expressed her honour at being the first female President of ECSS.

Professor Duda gave her views on the multidisciplinary nature of the College, the limits of staying within disciplinary ‘silos’, and the importance of working together to address and re-define issues and problems being faced by society, such as inactivity.  

“What will make it more likely that sport science will make a difference in this world? Integration. Pulling together concepts and models. We need to sit down, talk and connect. No one discipline has all of the answers.”

Joan also spoke to the importance of working toward ensuring greater impact of our multi- and inter-disciplinary science. She suggested ECSS could do more in involving stakeholders, including policy makers, in our annual congress.

A key goal for Professor Duda during her presidency will be to ensure these interactions and collaborations have the chance to take place…during our congress and throughout the year. She encourages members and partners to make a greater impact in sport (and exercise) science through the diverse nature and connections that the College brings.  

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Please watch the entire presidental lecture by clicking the picture below.


About Joan
Professor Duda completed her BA in psychology at Rutgers University in the USA. Following this, she carried out her MS degree in physical education at Purdue University, and finally her PhD in Sport Psychology/Kinesiology in 1981 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Since 1999, she has been a Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology at the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Birmingham UK.

Please join us in welcoming our new ECSS President, Professor Joan Duda.


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