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Do players and staff sleep more during the pre- or competitive season of elite rugby league?
Johnpaul Caia, Tannath J. Scott, Shona L. Halson & Vincent G. Kelly, 2017

DOI: 10.1080/17461391.2017.1335348
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Hi, I’m Johnpaul Caia, lead author of the Do players and staff sleep more during the pre- or competitive season of elite rugby league?

In this study we examine the sleep of athletes and support staff within the professional rugby league club during periods of pre- and competitive seasons using wrist actigraphy devices and self-report sleep diaries.

Our findings review changes in the sleep-wake patterns in both players and staff in comparing pre- to the competitive seasons, despite seeing no variation for time in bed, sleep duration or sleep efficiency. Importantly our findings showed that during pre-season early morning training sessions can lead to earlier awake times in both players and staff. While night matches played in the competitive season can lead to late bedtime and reductions from sleep duration.

From an applied perspective practitioners should know the impact of both training and playing schedules can have on sleep of both players and support staff. Particularly the consecutive days in pre-season or following night matches during competitive season.  In such a durations sleep debts may accumulate.

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