At ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017 ESSA - ECSS exchange delegate Dr Chris Stevens from Southern Cross University, Australia presented his winning research from the ESSA congress in 2016.

Title of the presentation was Should Endurance Athletes Competing in the Heat Focus on Cooling Before or During Competition? Please read his exchange report below. 

ESSA - ECSS Exchange Report

I had the privilege to attend the ECSS Metropolis Ruhr 2017 congress as a special guest (VIP was referenced once or twice) after winning an ESSA-ECSS exchange award in 2016. I had been to the ECSS congress before (2015 in Malmo) so I knew what to expect – an abundance of the world’s best researchers, free from their families and eager for a pub crawl.

This congress was by far the most well-organised and entertaining conference I have attended. The opening ceremony was like a night at the theatre with performances from a football juggler, silhouette artists and a breakdancer with a disability. I also attended a special reception at the University of Bochum with an incredible pipe organ performance and was gifted with their designer cologne (VIP treatment). The other highlight of the social program was of course, the pub crawl, where I discovered that Malibu and Red Bull can be combined in a single beverage.

But I was there for the conference and I had the opportunity to listen to and speak with some ‘up and comers’ and the ‘rock stars’ of the sport science world. I presented first up in one of the early 8am sessions and despite the intimate audience, I still managed to receive a few hard-hitting questions (an important part of the conference experience). The conference organisers did a great job of keeping everyone fit by placing every second presentation that you wanted to go to on the other side of the conference centre, so no extra exercise was needed.

I would like to thank the conference organisers on a fantastic event and I will be putting this conference on my calendar to attend annually. I’m already looking forward to Dublin!


Dr Chris Stevens
Lecturer Sport and Exercise Science
School of Health and Human Sciences
Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour, Australia

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