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Individualised dietary strategies for Olympic combat sports: Acute weight loss, recovery and competition nutrition
Reid Reale, Gary Slater & Louise M. Burke, 2017

DOI: 10.1080/17461391.2017.1297489
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Hi, I’m Read Reale the lead author of this review paper.

In this manuscript we review the underlying physiology involved in the post weigh-in recovery process and provide guidelines to assist compact sport athletes and support self.

We are advising acute weight loss plan athletes need to consider: the benefits and risks of acute weight loss methods, physiological requirements and recovery opportunities of their sport, and tolerances to weight manipulation.

Greater time available between weigh-in and competition will allow recovery from greater magnitudes of acute weight loss. Absolute body mass, body composition and other physique traits may contribute to success differently between each of the combat sports.

Thus the ultimate strategy for acute-on-chronic body mass management will differ between sports. Optimal recovery following weigh-in would depend on the weight loss methods used in order to make weight. Acute weight loss recovery at competition nutrition strategies should be trailed ahead of the important competitions.

We provide practical examples and food and fluid combinations to help guide athletes in meeting their post weigh-in and pre-competition nutrient target.  

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