This after school programme aims to engage children in organised sports and recreational activities. Team activities and sports have proven social, psychological, and health benefits and is a great way to build confidence. It also allows children to exercise their right to play. By engaging young people in such activities, the programme will work towards creating a safe, creative and fun environment for children outside of school hours.

In particular the programme will attempt to engage more young females in sports and become a space that is both sensitive to and mindful of gender complexities. Our hope is that team sports and group activities can be something for everyone!

Our goal was set to 300 Euros and this was achieved with the generous donations by Bengt Saltin Runners at ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017! Thank you everyone for your support and participation!

We are extremely happy with this result and will continue to take part in important projects like this in the future.

The donation will be carried out by Street Child, which is a charity organisation based in the United Kingdom. One of Street Child’s largest organised event is the Sierra Leone Marathon, which has been voted as “the most worthwhile marathon” by Runners World. Please see more here:


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