During ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017 the ECSS society continued to be active in twitter. Global outreach of the tweets was 1,108,212 and there were overall 625 contributors during 28 June to 12 July 2017. (source: HashtrackingTM)

ECSS was monitoring the contributions and we would like to thank everyone who have been active towards the ECSS on twitter. We have identified the most active twitter user around the #ECSS2017.

Congratulations Prof. David Bishop, @BlueSpotScience! You are provided with a complimentary ECSS membership for 2018.

Please keep up the twitter activity. We want to continue to stimulate discussions about sport science and exercise in social media. Make sure to use the #E_C_S_S and follow @E_C_S_S.

Please follow also @ECSSCongress and use #ECSS2018 when referring to ECSS Dublin 2018.

If you publish anything relating to this content, please send details to our PR Manager so that it can be included in our ECSS in the media section.

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