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The interaction of psychological and physiological homeostatic drives and role of general control principles in the regulation of physiological systems, exercise and the fatigue process – The Integrative Governor theory
A. St Clair Gibson, J. Swart & R. Tucker, 2017

DOI: 10.1080/17461391.2017.1321688
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Thank you for reading our recent review paper on Integrative Governor model. It’s a new model that we are presenting, which is an evolution of the existing central regulation of exercise model, which we’ve been researching over the last two decades.

My colleagues Alan Clair Gibson, Ross Tucker together with me have written this manuscript, where we look into the brain and how that regulates endurance activity. We hope you enjoy reading the manuscript. I am sure it will stimulate lots of debate.

I am sure that our esteemed colleagues Samuele Marcora will have a lot of interaction with us on twitter regarding the various merits of the manuscript and we hope you enjoy reading it.

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