A press conference took place on Wednesday, 5 July at the 22nd annual congress of the European College of Sport Science. The speakers gave their perspective on the congress ahead and pointed out the highlights. Please find a short summary below.

The press conference was chaired by Prof. Stephen Seiler from the ECSS Executive Board.


ECSS President, Prof. Tim Cable introduced the audience to ECSS and presented the latest mission statements and the vision of the College. These include delivering a world-class congress and supporting young academics in their career through the ECSS Young Investigators Award. Professor Cable also congratulated the local host for an outstanding scientific programme and the applied research focus.


ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017 has two congress presidents. Prof. Alexander Ferrauti enlightened the process of creating the streamline for the congress and building the scientific programme around four key strands: inactivity, individuality, inclusion, and identification. These are the main themes discussed in the plenary sessions and in some of the invited sessions. The local host is eager to promote physical activity and increase internationalisation within sport science at this year’s congress.

Prof. Petra Platen, the second congress president, highlighted the theme behind inactivity. She observed that nowadays, people sit too much and that we need to find ways to activate people in their everyday lives. She said that among musculoskeletal diseases, back and neck pain play a major role concerning their overall socioeconomic burden. The plenary talk Back Pain – Prevention and Therapy in the Modern Society focuses exactly on these problems.

Long distance runner, Laura Hottenrott, shed light on individuality in training and recovery. She mentioned ways to optimise sport performance with the help of sport science and nutrition.

Prof. Thomas Abel focused on inclusion in sport. He emphasised the fact that sport science support for those with disabilities and active athletes is very important and needed. At ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017, this theme has been highlighted in several sessions and there is a good amount of different scientific studies on inclusion and Paralympic sport presented.

Prof. Tim Meyer arrived to the press conference directly from the confederations cup, where he was with the German team. He shifted the focus on identification, which in a team sport as well as in individual sport is very important for their success.
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