Abstracts submitted in the area of nutrition for the ECSS Vienna 2016 congress were able to opt in to apply for the GSSI Nutrition Award. Gatorade Sport Science Institute (GSSI) has been ECSS Platinum Partner for 5 years and with the award they aim to promote research in the field of nutrition and hydration.

Again this year there were several applicants for the award. Five of them got shortlisted for the congress and they presented their study in front of a jury on 5 July in Essen.

The winners of the GSSI Sport Nutrition Award 2017

1st Place (3.000 €):
Antonio Paoli, University of Padova, Effects of Ten Months of Intermittent Fasting on Strength, Body Composition and Metabolism in Athletes

2nd Place (1.500 €):
Andrew Holwerda, Maastricht University Medical Centre, Post-Prandial Protein Handling Following Ingestion of Different Amounts of Protein during Post-Exercise Recovery in Older Males

3rd Place (500 €):
Marina Fabre Tewson, French National Institute of Sport (INSEP), Protein Supplementation, What Is Really Needed To Improve Muscle Mass And Performance Gain?

Equal 4th Place:
Kristin Jonvik, Maastricht University, Similar Metabolic and Functional Response to Beetroot Juice Supplementation during Repeated Wingate Tests in Recreational, Competitive and Elite Athletes
Ushnah Shujah Ud Din, University of Nottingham, Effect of Adjuvant β-HYDOXY-β-Methylbutyrate Supplements on Hypertrophic, Functional and Metabolic Responses to Resistance Exercise Training in Older Men

Left to right: President of the ECSS Prof. Tim Cable, GSSI Award Winner 2017 Dr. Antonio Paoli and Director of the GSSI Dr. James Carter

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