At ECSS Winter Meeting 2017 Prof. Erich Müller was selected as the next president elect. His term as a president will commerce after ECSS Prague 2019.

Prof. Müller has been an active ECSS member from its inauguration. He has previously served the ECSS in the Executive Board and the Scientific Board. Erich was chosen to represent the college in the Executive Board again in 2015 and his expertise has been of great help when developing the college further. Please read the statement of Prof. Müller below.


"I am proud to be allowed to serve ECSS as president elect and to help to reach the following goals for the near future:

  • ECSS congresses must be THE international networking platform particularly for young sport scientists.
  • ECSS congresses must provide a widely spread program focussing on high research quality and multi- and interdisciplinarity. In the near future ECSS should intensively promote applied and social sciences.
  • The Young Investigator Award (YIA) must be the highlight of each ECSS congress."

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