Over its relatively short history the European College of Sport Science has grown into the pre-eminent society for the global advancement of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Since its inauguration the aim of the College has been to create an international network among sport scientists and build a powerful platform for the application of sport science within society.

In September 2016, the ECSS published its new vision to lead the College into the future. The vision 2020;

To lead the promotion and application of world-class, multidisciplinary science in sport and exercise.”

summarises the aim and scopes of the ECSS, and will be achieved through the achievement of the 4 mission statements below.

The President of ECSS, Professor Tim Cable comments that “We are proud that this new vision and mission statement strategically charts how our College of world-leading scientists will address real-life problems, using multidisciplinary research in order to enhance society and the communities we serve”.


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