Since its inauguration in 1995 ECSS constantly aims to develop partnerships with the industry, active in the field of sport and exercise science. These partnerships strongly support the ECSS vision to lead the promotion and application of world-class, multidisciplinary science in sport and exercise.

In September 2016 ECSS has secured a new Bronze Partner - CORTEX Biophysik GmbH. CORTEX is based in Germany and has been a long term exhibitor at ECSS congresses. and ECSS is delighted to welcome CORTEX as ECSS Bronze Partner and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration!

Since 1991, CORTEX is a competent partner in regard to spiroergometry systems and mobile respiratory gas analysis systems. Their solutions record and measure a person‘s physical fitness and performance. Only if physical limits are known, they can be extended in an efficient and quantifiable manner. CORTEX’ systems exactly measure physical limits and help to extend them.

To learn more about CORTEX Biophysik GmbH, please click here and visit them at ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017 at booth #10.

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