At ECSS Vienna 2016 Aspetar Excellence in Football Research Award was distributed the second time. The award aims to attract and support novel, applied research project with relevance to football (soccer).
There were several qualified applicants for the award and five of them got shortlisted.

These five presented their reseach on 6th July in Vienna in front of a jury.


Winners of Aspetar Excellence in Football Research Award 2016

1st Place (2,500 €):
Mitchell Smith, 1: UTS (Australia), 2: University of Gent (Belgium), 3: University of Kent (UK), Mental Fatigue Impairs Soccer-Specific Performance

2nd Place (500 €):
Francesca Champ, Liverpool John Moores University, Reflections from a Female Sport Psychologist Working in Elite Level Professional Football

3rd Place (500 €):
Roland Rössler, University of Basel, “FIFA 11+ Kids” A Warm-Up Program to Prevent Injuries in Children’s Football: Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial

Equal 4th Place:
Jean Nyakayiru, 1: Maastricht University 2: Han University of Applied Sciences, Beetroot Juice Supplementation Improves Exercise Performance in Soccer Players

Jan Venzke, Ruhr-University Bochum, The Determination of Energy Costs During Soccer Matches: Comparative Analysis Between Measured and Calculated Energy Expenditure

Lead Physiologist Prof. George Nassis and Assistant Director of Sports Science Shaima Ali Al-Khaldi from Aspetar together with the Aspetar Excellence in Football Award Winner 2016 Mitchell Smith


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