This session will give an overview on the environmental and economic heatlh approaches in physcial activity.

There will be to outsanding talks given by Professor Fiona Bull (Australia) and Francesca Racioppi (Italy/Denmark).


Fiona Bull is a professor and Director of the Centre for the Built Environment and Health at the University of Western Australia (UWA). In her research she has a strong applied focus on understanding the health benefits of regular physical activity and the causes of inactivity looking at individual, social, cultural and environmental barriers. 

In her talk "Urban environments – key determinant in promoting active living" Prof. Bull will showcase how cities and communities can be designed to activate people of all ages to participate in physcial activity. This is to support the global target to increase population level of physical activity by 10% by 2025.



The second speaker of this session Francesca Racioppi is a Senior Policy and Progamme Adviser on European Environment and Health Governance and Multisectoral at the WHO. She is specialist on promotion of "health in all policies" approaches and active mobility policies and interventions.

In her talk "The WHO health economic assessment tool – in what way can it support physical activity and sustainability?" she will focus on the WHO Health Economic Assessment Tools (HEAT) for walking and cycling. These were developed to estimate the value of reduced mortality that results from regular walking or cycling and to meet the needs of an audience that may have limited access to the extensive set of inputs that would be required by complex assessment models in terms of epidemiological, transport-related and economic data, and/or have limited expertise to perform these assessments.


You will be able to hear more about this topic in the plenary session [PS-PL02] “Promoting physical activity – environmental and economic health approaches” on Thursday, 7th July 2016 at 11:30 in Lecture room “E”.


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