ECSS has established four exceptional exchange partnerships with international sport scientific associations. The partnerships offer mutual benefit to both the ECSS and the exchange partner. ECSS invites the partners to participate the annual congresses of the ECSS, to showcase their expertise in the scientific programme.

Additionally, two of the partner associations support the ECSS Young Investigators Award (YIA) by inviting the winners (3 winners from the oral category and the mini-oral winner) to present their successful work in their congresses.

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

ECSS Vienna 2016: [IS-EX01] ECSS - ACSM EXHANGE SYMPOSIUM: Preparing for the Olympics: European and American viewpoint, 06.07.2016, Start: 15:00, Lecture room: "M1"

The ACSM has been an exchange partner of the ECSS since 1998. Every year there is a lecture exchange organized between the associations. This year the focus of the session will be on the Olympic Games and the athletes preparation to the Games, focusing on the adaption of the different components of sport science. The session will compare the American and European points-of-view.

Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine (JSPFSM)

Also ECSS and JSPFSM have been exchange partners since 1998. This fruitful partnership has provided both associations with a platform to network and exchange thoughts in the multidisciplinary field of sport science.

JSPFSM supports together with the ECSS, the three winners of the Oral category in ECSS YIA Award. The winner travel to Japan to present their work in an international session at the annual congress of the JSPFSM. Last year Martin Keller, Christian Thue Bjørndal and Daniel Owens participated the 70th annual congress of the JSPFSM in Wakayama, Japan

Video documentary of the ECSS – JSPFSM Exchange 2015

ECSS Vienna 2016: [IS-EX03] JSPFSM-ECSS Exchange Symposium: Genetics of sports performance and its applications to health science, 08.07.2016, Start: 09:45, Lecture room: "M1"

Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA)

From 2011 ESSA has been an exchange partner of the ECSS. The partnership enables both associations to send their Award winners to each other’s congresses in Europe and in Australia. At ECSS Malmö 2015 ESSA representative Rossana Nogueira presented a study from her PhD “Exercising Opportunities to Prevent Chronic Diseases: the Capo Kids Trial”. Also the ECSS YIA Mini-Oral Winner Tetsuhiro Kidokoro got the chance to travel to Melbourne, Australia to present his YIA Winning presentation “Associations between various intensities of physical activity and physical fitness in adolescents”.

Rossana Nogueira at ECSS Malmö 2015

ECSS Vienna 2016: ESSA – ECSS Poster Exchange

Lauren Mckeown from University of Western Australia presents her work “Eccentric Exercise in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure” in the framework of ECSS YIA Award.
[MO-PM11] ESSA-ECSS Exchange (Cardiovascular) 06.07.2016, Start: 14:00, Lecture room: "L4 & L5"

China Sport Science Society (CSSS)

The CSSS and ECSS exchange partnership started in 2014 and the first exchange session was organized at ECSS Malmö 2015. ECSS is looking forward to developing the partnership further and there will be a CSSS exchange session organized in the following years at the ECSS congresses.

CSSS representatives with the ECSS Executive Board at ECSS Malmö 2015

ECSS Vienna 2016: [IS-EX02] CSSS - ECSS exchange symposium: PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND HEALTH PROMOTION (China), 07.07.2016, Start: 09:45, Lecture room: "M1"


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