This session will present practical and mechanistic insights how to restore health and optimize performance after spinal cord injury focusing on two major aspects: neuromuscular plasticity and cardiovascular function.

Two excellent speakers will take part in this session: Professor Reggie Edgerton [USA] and Professor Daniel Theisen [Luxembourg].

Reggie Edgerton is Director of the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory and a Distinguished Professor of the Departments of Integrative Biology and Physiology, Neurobiology and Neurosurgery at the University of California (UCLA), where he has been teaching and conducting research for over 40 years. To a large extent his research focused on the recovery of locomotion after spinal cord injury. Prof. Edgerton’s talk is entitled

Life-Long Activity-Dependent Neuromuscular Plasticity in Optimizing Performance in the Presence of Neuromotor Disorders”.

He will try to explain the fascinating plasticity of the neuromuscular system and autonomic system using insights from human studies with individuals that have experienced a traumatic or even progressive dysfunction in the sensorimotor system but also from animal studies explaining the underlying mechanisms.


The second speaker in this is session is Daniel Theisen, the head and founder of the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory at the Luxembourg Institute of Health. He is specialized in physiology and biomechanics of healthy and disabled/injured individuals, as well as in sports injury epidemiology in the context of rehabilitation, sport sciences, sports medicine and population health. His current projects focus on the prevention of sports injuries, knee laxity measurements and rehabilitation optimization after anterior cruciate ligament injuries and the prevention of sudden cardiac deaths in sports. During the lecture

Cardiovascular function during exercise - the spinal cord injury model

he will shift the focus on the cardiovascular system which can be strongly impaired after spinal lesion impacting blood pressure regulation, body temperature and various aspects of exercise capacity.

We would be happy to meet you in the plenary session [PS-PL01] “Crossing the limits of impairment – lessons from neuromuscular and cardiovascular function after spinal cord injury” which will start at 16:45 on Wednesday, 6th of July 2016 in Lecture room “E”.

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