The ECSS Young Investigators Award has been the highlight of the annual ECSS congress since day one. The first prizes were given out at the first ECSS congress in Nice 1996. From there on the applicant numbers have increased and the award has gained a reputation as a champion’s league in sport science. Without a question every year at ECSS congress high quality science is being presented by the young upcoming sport scientists, from which many have continued their career successfully in the different fields of sport science.

ECSS YIA Winners 2015

There are plenty of reasons to apply for the ECSS YIA competition. Mostly participants want to gain recognition for their work and enjoy this great experience by networking and creating new collaborations. In addition, if you are very successful within the competition (first three in oral and first in mini-oral category), you will be given an opportunity to participate JSPFSM meeting in Japan and alternatively be a guest at one of the ESSA events in Australia. Many participants have really enjoyed these collaborative trips hosted by the ECSS exchange partners. These experiences have given the winners the possibility to gain new collaborations and contacts to further enhance their career in science.

“I was delighted to become a YIA winner. The YIA offers a unique opportunity to showcase your research work on an international platform and enables researchers to demonstrate their potential. It was an honour to be selected amongst the many fantastic young scientists who were in contention.” Tori Sprung, GRB (ECSS YIA Winner 2011)

“Proud to be recognized by talented experts in sport science. Feeling to become the member of a family.” Vincent Martin, FRA (ECSS YIA Winner 2006)

“Being recognised as a YIA winner is a great accolade to put on my CV. The exchange trip to Japan in 2010 was a great way in which I could disseminate my work to an international audience, thereby increasing my reputation. The trip was also great for sharing ideas and forming international research collaborations.” Stuart Goodall, GRB (ECSS YIA Winner 2010)

“Winning a YIA award was a stepping stone towards organizing my own invited session a few years later at the ECSS meeting in Bruges. I have also met many great scientists through my involvement with the ECSS, some of whom are now research collaborators.” Neil Cronin, FIN (ECSS YIA Winner 2008)

“It surely helped me get my first Associate Professor position 2 years after the award, and maybe indirectly to get my current Full Professor position early in my career. At the time of my award, the funding helped me travel to visit colleagues in the U.S. that played a major role afterwards in my research activities.” Jean-Benoit Morin, FRA (ECSS YIA Winner 2003)


As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations ECSS has contacted the previous YIA winners. They were asked, firstly, what it means to them to be an ECSS YIA winner and, secondly, how did the winning of the ECSS YIA help their career? We have collected all the responses here.

The ECSS YIA has been and will be the essential part of the annual congresses. ECSS is extremely happy to see the young scientists presenting their research enthusiastically each year at the congress. ECSS promises to deliver the future winners as good of a platform to continue their scientific career as it has given to the previous winners. In addition, ECSS is always welcoming the YIA winners actively to be part of the other activities within the college, such as, scientific committee and board as well as the European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS).

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Join ECSS as a member now and secure your participation in the ECSS YIA 2016 competition in 21st annual congress of the European College of Sport Science - ECSS Vienna 2016. 

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