In the framework of the annual congresses ECSS offers educational workshops to its members. The workshops aim to improve skills in key competences of science and research and the themes are targeted especially to members dedicated to develop their skills in the area of sport science research.

EWSS at the ECSS Malmö 2015 - Spreadsheets for Research Design and Analysis


The 2015 ECSS workshop on spreadsheets for design and analysis of research was presented by the founder and editor of the Sportscience journal-site, Professor Will Hopkins of Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Will has been adding and updating spreadsheets at the Sportscience site for the last 18 years. He showed attendees where to find the spreadsheets at the site, and he reviewed use of those for sample-size estimation, allocation of participants to groups in controlled trials, analysis of group means, analysis of change scores and individual responses in controlled trials and crossovers, and analysis of reliability and validity.

Hopkins pointed out that spreadsheets are valuable for straightforward research designs and for teaching the principles of analysis, but that complex data involving several levels of repeated measurement or outcomes related to events or counts need more sophisticated statistical programs for analysis.

The workshop was a great success with over 100 participants and the feedback was most positive. As there was a strict time limit for the workshop (2 hours), the issues were presented intensively and with a good pace. For the future workshops the participants were keen on learning more about advanced design and analysis, multivariate analysis and mixed models, for example.

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