ECSS and China Sport Science Society (CSSS) is the newest ECSS Exchange cooperation. The first Exchange symposium was held at ECSS Malmö 2015 this summer and it was a great addition to the scientific programme of the successful congress in Malmö, Sweden.

The Exchange Symposium was chaired by Tian Ye from China Institute of Sport Science and Gisela Sjogaard from University of Southern Denmark. The session focused on physical activity and health promotion investigated from Chinese and European perspectives.

The speakers were:

  • He, Z., Tian, T., Hong, P., Huang, C., Zhao, J., Wang, M., Li, R. [China] Polymorphisms in RAS Coding Genes are Associated with Exercise Training-Induced Changes in Cardiorespiratory Fitness Read - Contact
  • Zhang, L. [China] Effects of 4 Weeks of Maximum Lipid Oxidation Rate Intensity Training and Resistance Training on Adipose Tissue Distribution and Morphology of Obese Youth Read - Contact
  • Wang, H., Jiang, C.M., Xu, L.L. [China] Walking Energy Expenditure and Recommendation in Chinese Adults Read - Contact
  • Proper, K. [Netherlands] Physical Activity and Sitting - Health Promotion Interventions at the Workplace Read - Contact

At the congress CSSS representatives also met with the ECSS Executive Board to discuss further collaboration possibilities and the scientific sessions planned for the next years.

ECSS Executive Board together with CSSS representatives at ECSS Malmö 2015

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