ECSS Platinum Partner Gatorade Sport Science Institute and ECSS Gold Partner Aspetar awarded best researchers within nutrition and football.

GSSI Sports Nutrition Award

GSSI as platinum partner of the ECSS is proposing an award for the best research understanding the area of sports nutrition. This year there were several applicants and among them five were nominated to present their work in front of a panel at ECSS Malmö 2015.

Winner of the GSSI Sports Nutrition Award 2015: Sinead McDonagh, University of Exeter, United Kingdom. Effects of blood donation and nitrate ingestion on the physiological response to moderate-intensity and incremental exercise

GSSI Nutrition Award Winner 2015 Sinead McDonagh
with James Carter Director of GSSI

Excellence in Football Research Award

Aspetar Excellence in Football Research Award was introduced at ECSS Malmö 2015. The aim of the award is to attract and support novel, applied research projects with relevance to football (soccer). There were several applicants for the award from which 5 were shortlisted. They presented their work in front of a panel at ECSS Malmö 2015.

1st place: Michael Nyberg, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Repeated sprint training improves O2 uptake kinetics and performance in highly trained football players: Role of fibre type specific adaptations in skeletal muscle

2nd place: Danny Christiansen, University of Victoria, Australia. The effect of cold water immersion on the change in skeletal muscle Na+/K+ ATPase genes following intense intermittent exercise in Humans

3rd place: Amelia J. Carr, Deakin University, Australia. Natural altitude training at 1380m combined with 9 hours per day at 3000m is an effective altitude training mode

2015 Excellence in Football Research Awardees
with Prof. Tim Cable (Aspire) and Salwa Allenjawi (Aspetar)

Congratulations to all winners! Please check images from ECSS Malmö 2015 here and watch the session recordings through

Thank you all for the successful Malmö congress and see you all next year in Vienna!

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