European College of Sport Science (ECSS) celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2015. ECSS is an international non-profit scientific organization dedicated to sport science. In 20 years of its existence the ECSS has grown 20 fold in its membership and is now considered to be one of THE international sport scientific associations. The annual congress of the ECSS is a place to present your research in the area of sport and exercise science and sport medicine. The congress party will be organized at Moriska in Folketspark, Malmö, Sweden. 

Moriska Pavilijonen, Folketspark, Malmö

The Moriska Paviljonen is a great location in the middle the beautiful Folketspark in Malmö. It is 110 years old location to organize all sorts of events, congresses, galas and parties. Please find more information here

The ECSS congress closing party is always one of the highlights of the annual congress. It will get all the people together one last time to network, mingle and discuss. The dance floor is known to be full of amazing dance moves! The unique atmosphere from the ECSS congress is transparent at the congress closing party. It is a great family reunion which with open arms welcomes all the newcomers and guests to join and have a good time!

Are you ready?!

ECSS Congress Party - ECSS Barcelona 2013

The congress party organized in Folketspark on 27th of June 2015 will be a night to remember! Dance floor will be packed with sport enthusiastic people with some diverse dance moves! This you cannot miss!

Music: Band and DJ

It will be a great celebration of an amazing congress held at Malmö Live congress center during the week and at the same time it will be a celebration of 20 years of sport science under the umbrella of the European College of Sport Science!


Come and join!

Open for public: 22:30

Free entrance!

You are all welcome to join us and celebrate sport science with us!

For further information and high resolution images, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also please have your published work sent to us, enabling us to link your work to our section ECSS in the media.

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