Dear ECSS members, ECSS colleagues, and ECSS partners & sponsors,

I am speaking to you from St. Christoph, in the Austrian Alps, where the Executive and Scientific Boards gathered for our annual meeting.

We are very pleased to celebrate a very successful year for the ECSS:

  • Our 19th ECSS annual Congress held in the beautiful city of Amsterdam attracted 2760 delegates from 75 countries and was independently rated as the ‘The Best-yet Annual Meeting of the ECSS’ by sport science org.
  • We are also proud to introduce to our members and sponsors ‘The 2014 ECSS Annual Review’, this is a new initiative to present our profile as a college with explanations regarding its organization, with facts and figures on memberships, congress attendance, finances, reports on annual conference including the YIA, our publications and our media and communication activities.
  • We are now in the final stages of the organization of our 20th congress, to be held in Malmö, Sweden. Our Scientific Board and Committee, together with the local host universities (Malmo, Copenhagen and Lund) are intensively working to produce an outstanding scientific programme to renew the success of our annual congress but also to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ECSS. Our college has grown 40-fold in members since its formation in 1995, hence we have good reasons to celebrate this event.
  • Preparations are also under way for the organization of the 2016 congress in Vienna and of the 2017 Metropolis Rhur congress.
  • We are also going through the process of selecting the successful bidders of our 2018-2019 ECSS congresses.

While we celebrate a very successful year for the ECSS, we also commemorate with great sorrow, the passing of the first president of the ECSS, Professor Bengt Saltin on September 12th 2014. Bengt was one of the founding fathers of the ECSS and leaves an incredible scientific legacy which will always be the motor and spirit of our college.

A tribute to Professor Bengt Saltin will be delivered in Malmö this June and there will be a Special Invited Symposium dedicated to him.

Also, for the first time in our ECSS history, we decided to introduce a non-competitive 5-k run for our members and we titled this annual event as ‘The Bengt Saltin Run’.

Thus, in conveying to you all our very best wishes for 2015, we look forward to seeing you next June at our next congress in Malmö and celebrate together the 20th anniversary of our college.

For further information and high resolution images, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also please have your published work sent to us, enabling us to link your work to our section ECSS in the media.

Tuulia Hokkanen
Media and Communication Manager
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