At ECSS Barcelona 2013 the ESSA - ECSS exchange program continued with presenting the 2013 delegate, Belinda Parmenter from the University of New South Wales, Australia. She was rewarded with the Most Outstanding PhD submitted in the field of Exercise and Sports Science by ESSA. As part of the award ESSA send her to ECSS Barcelona 2013 to present her research in the context of ‘ESSA – ECSS best research poster exchange’.

Belinda presented her PhD research ‘Alternative Exercise as Treatment for Intermittent Claudication’ at the ECSS Booth on Thursday 27th June during the lunch break. Please, read the exchange report of the experiences she had at this years congress of the ECSS.

ESSA-ECSS best research exchange report

“As a part of an award I received in 2013 (Most Outstanding PhD submitted in the field of Exercise and Sports Science, Australia-ESSA), ESSA (Exercise and Sports Science Australia) arranged with the team from the European College of Sports Science (ECSS) for me to travel to Barcelona, Spain and present my research at the 2013 18th Annual Congress for the European College of Sports Science. Wow! My family and I arrived in the beautiful Barcelona, Spain the day before the conference started. Having come from cold and wet weather in Sydney, we enjoyed the wonderful weather Barcelona presented with us. Under blue skies and 30 degrees, we left the hotel to find the host venue “Institut Nacional d'Educació Física de Catalunya”, which to our pleasant surprise was an amazing walk alongside Font de Magica and up through the Parc de Montjuïc. Lucky for me, I then got to repeat this gorgeous walk every day for four days.

Once I arrived at the congress venue, nestled amongst a few trees on the top of Montjuïc Hill, I spent a couple of hours wandering through the different exhibits and popping my head in to listen to different speakers present their latest research in sports science. The congress was exceptionally well organised and I found it easy to put together a fascinating timetable of presentations covering a wide array of topics from sports psychology and drugs in sport through to high intensity interval training for diabetics.  I have to add that I didn’t mind the meal breaks either, where I found myself constantly making my way to the back of the venue where I would be overcome by the most spectacular view of the Olympic Stadium (Venue for the 1992 Olympics). I got to sit here every day in the sun, with a coffee whilst catching up with various colleagues from back home and around the world.

On Day 2 of the congress I was delighted to present my PhD research to a group of fellow researchers in the exhibition area. My PhD thesis is titled “Alternative Exercise as Treatment for Intermittent Claudication” and investigated the use of high intensity progressive resistance training as an alternative treatment strategy to help relieve the painful cramping pain (intermittent claudication), which occurs in people with peripheral arterial disease. After my presentation I was then introduced to various members of the ECSS Board who provided me with some interesting research insight and questions regarding my thesis research. Some of which I have already started asking back home.

Belinda Parmenter giving her presentation at ECSS Barcelona 2013

For the remainder of the congress I enjoyed attending a number of key note and plenary sessions and oral presentations where some of the latest and highest quality research in exercise and sports science was presented. I also enjoyed attending some sessions where a few colleagues of mine were presenting their research. I found the topics interesting and the quality of research presented of a high standard. After each day, I then got to explore the beautiful Barcelona with my family. Luckily, the sun sets much later at that time of year, so we had plenty of daylight to see the sights of La Sagrada Familia (my favourite), Park Güell, La Rambla (where we enjoyed the Paella) and Barcelona Beach.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who made it possible for me to travel to the congress this year. To ECSS and ESSA, thank you for organising such a wonderful exchange program. It was an experience that I will always hold close to my heart.  A special thank you goes to the organising committee (Steffen and his crew) who made me feel so welcome in Barcelona. They went out of their way every morning to come and say hello to my family and I over breakfast and ask what the day had in store for us. I hope the research exchange program continues to run through ESSA and ECSS, as it has provided me with further inspiration and guidance, and is such a helpful experience for early career researchers such as myself. I was delighted to attend and represent both the University of Sydney as well as University of NSW at such a prestigious event. Thank you.” Belinda Parmenter

Belinda Parmenter and the ECSS Executive Board Members at ECSS Barcelona 2013


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