At ECSS Barcelona 2013, Prof. Bengt Saltin, one of the founding fathers of the ECSS, first president of the ECSS from 1996 - 1997, organizer of the 2nd ECSS congress ECSS Copenhagen 1997 and former member of the executive board and scientific committee was appointed ECSS Patron by ECSS president Prof. Sigmund Loland.

ECSS Patron is an honorary title given to a person who has outstanding personality in the fields of European and international sports, sport science or sports politics, who promote the purpose of the association and has made a significant contribution to the development of the college.

At ECSS Barcelona 2013 Bengt Saltin gave a honorary lecture ‘Sport science in the World of Science’, which was one of the high-lights of ECSS Barcelona 2013.

The lecture first related to the start of the ECSS and, for example, how an idea became reality. In the following Saltin described his life-long research in the area of muscle research.

The full honorary lecture is available on (Free access to is granted until July, 26th. For further access an ECSS membership is required.)

Overall, Bengt Saltin has lead a very impressive career in sport science beginning from the late 1950’s when he discovered his interest in exercise physiology and sport science. He dedicated his career to human exercise physiology, gaining understanding of the human body and finding answerers how it reacts to exercise and the lack of exercise, especially in the muscle level. Saltin finished the lecture emphasising the theme of the congress “unifying sport science”. The barriers between different research disciplines should be crossed more often and through integrity and interdisciplinary research more could be gained with science, at the end having a more positive impact on behaviors and society.

Bengt Saltin cherished the Barcelona 2013 congress and the quality of research and presentations. He expects a good future for sport science and an influential role of the ECSS in it. Bengt Saltin, has given a lot for the ECSS and sport science in general, his research is highlighted from other researchers and his impact in sport science is unique and inspiring.
The ECSS is pleased to take on Prof. Bengt Saltin as Patron of the European College of Sport Science.

Prof. Bengt Saltin giving his horary lecture and getting appointed ECSS Patron by Prof. Sigmund Loland


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