Following the recent acceptance and listing of the European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS) into Medline, Kate Nuttall (KN), Managing Editor at Routledge Journals, hat met with Professor Andrew Jones (AJ), Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Sport Science for an interview, discussing the journals development in result.
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Prof Andrew Jones, editor in chief EJSS – source:

Full Transcript of the interview

AJ: I’m Andy Jones. I’m the Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Sport Science. I’m based at the University of Exeter in the UK, where I am Professor of Applied Physiology and the Head of Sport and Health Sciences. My areas of interest are the cardiorespiratory limitations to exercise performance and elite athletes, particularly, in endurance sports.

KN: Can you tell us more about the journal, its aims and scope, and perhaps the different sections and types of papers that it publishes?

AJ: The European Journal of Sport Science is the official journal of the European College of Sport Science. It’s published six times per year presently, by Taylor & Francis, and it is a multidisciplinary journal which publishes both original research articles and review papers. We presently have five sections: applied sport science; biomechanics and motor control; physiology and nutrition; psychology, social sciences & humanities; and sport, exercise and medicine for health.

KN: Congratulations on your recent acceptance and listing into Medline. What does this mean for the journal, and how do you think the journal will develop as a result of this?

AJ: I think it’s a great achievement for the journal. It’s something that we’ve been striving for and believe we’ve deserved for some time. And I think it will just bring the journal to the attention of many more scholars, educators, and students of sport and exercise science right around the world. Having that greater visibility will also mean that our papers are better read and more cited. That, in turn, will increase our Impact Factor, and will attract additional high-quality authors from around the world to consider submitting their best research to EJSS. So overall I think it’s a virtuous circle where things can only get better from here on in

KN: To conclude, what would be your message to authors or researchers in the field of sport science?

AJ: Well, now that the journal, EJSS, has the Medline listing, and has a rising Impact Factor, I think all authors and researchers around the world ought to consider it as a very viable outlet for their very best quality research. People who are interested in supporting the journal, and I very much hope that they will do, can find access to EJSS through the European College of Sport Science website, so we’d very much encourage people to do that. In conclusion, I’d just like to thank everybody who’s been involved in the success of EJSS over the last twelve years or so. My predecessor, Asker Jeukendrup, as Editor in Chief before I took over, Taylor & Francis our publishers, our Section Editors, who work tirelessly on behalf of the journal, our editorial board members, of course the reviewers of the manuscripts, and most importantly the authors themselves, whose high quality research has resulted in us receiving this accolade from Medline.

Transcript by Leen Van Broeck


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