The ECSS is pleased to welcome Professor George Havenith as the 2000th ECSS Member in 2011, and as such providing him with a life-long free ECSS membership commening in 2012.

Professor Havenith is presently working at Loughborough University in the UK, where he has a Chair in Environmental Physiology and Ergonomics. At Loughborough University he is also the director of the Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre, focussing on Human Thermal Physiology. His special contribution is the multidisciplinary intergration of physiology, physics and ergonomics.


"This is a very nice surprise, and I am pleased to see the growth in the ECSS and to get my timing right!", Professor George Havenith.


Professor George Havenith, Loughborough University

Founded in 1995 the ECSS experiences a consecutive growth in membership with members comprising international scientists from all areas of sport science.

ECSS membership development. 2011 as of 19th October 2011.


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