Congress facts

  • Total number of congress participants: 2073
  • Total number of participating countries: 63
  • Plenary sessions 4
  • Invited sessions 50
  • Thematic sessions 50
  • Poster presentations 1144

Scientific highlights – plenary sessions


  • Health well-being and exercise
  • Olympism and the Olympic movement
  • High-tech in sport
  • Injuries in sport

ECSS Young Investigators Award 2006

1st Rank

Oral presentation

  • Mette Hansen (DEN)

Poster presentation

  • Nicole Prommer (GER)

Congress venue

The 11th annual congress of the European College of Sport Science – ECSS Lausanne 2006 was held in the Palais de Beaulieu. The Palais de beaulieu was located in the city center and could be reached from central main station with public transportation in 10 minutes. The main hall contained 1800 seats - and all other lecture halls (100-130 seats) are technically well equipped and are in close proximity.

There was ample space for the commercial exhibition, integrated with the catering facilities and the space for the poster exhibition.

More ECSS Lausanne 2006 images on Flickr - here.