The ECSS would like to share with you the Young Investigators Award video – promoting scientific excellence.

ECSS Young Investigators Award – promoting scientific excellence

YIA video documentary “promoting scientific excellence”
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Inspired by the theme of the 16th ECSS congress in Liverpool, "New Horizons from a world heritage city", the presentations of young sport scientists make significant contributions to the discovery of new horizons in sport science. Thus the Young Investigators Award (YIA) was once again the highlight of the congress.

The purpose of the YIA is the promotion of young academics, building an ECSS-based network for all former YIA winners and in this way uniting different generations of sport scientists. Each year, young scientists have the opportunity to present their outstanding scientific work at the ECSS congress and to win the YIA in two categories, supported by Mars Incorporated.
Congratulations to this year’s YIA winners:

Oral presentations

1st Helen Crewe, Australia
2nd Matthew Cocks, United Kingdom
3rd Sarah Jackman, United Kingdom
4th James Roberts, United Kingdom
5th Leigh Breen, Canada
5th Jui-Lin Fan, Switzerland
5th Benedikt Lauber, Germany
5th Michael Nyberg, Denmark
5th Simon Sebire, United Kingdom
5th Samuel Vine, United Kingdom

Poster presentations

1st  Naomi Cermak, Netherlands
2nd Florent Crettenand, Switzerland
3rd Tim Snijders, Netherlands
4th Julia Mierau, Germany
5th Damien Fournet, United Kingdom
5th Eric Haakonssen, Australia
5th Romain Lericollais, France
5th Ayaka Nobue, Japan
5th Victoria Sprung, United Kingdom
5th Jan-Willem van Dijk, Netherlands

The award has functioned for previous YIA winners as a starting point of their scientific career:

“Having a YIA award on your CV is prestigious.” (Dr. Stuart Goodall, YIA winner 2010)

“What we’re about as an organization is building high quality young scientists, who then go on to exert their ripples of influence by mentoring the scientists of the future.” (Prof. Tim Cable, Congress President ECSS Liverpool  2011)

“You have an inspiration for who you want to be and it provides the platform for you to become that person, to become that achiever, to become that scientist. It puts you in good stead for where you want to go.” (Dr. Geena Ellison, YIA winner 2005)

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