YIA 2010 winners

Rank               Oral presentation                 Poster presentation
1st                  Stephen Bailey (UK)              Oliver Witard (UK)
2nd                 Bart Pennings (NED)              Jelena Stosic (AUS)
3rd                 Stuart Goodall (UK)                Melitta Winlove (UK)
4th                 Benjamin Wall (UK)                Kazunori Yamada (JPN)
Equal 5th        Stefanie Bierbaum (GER)        Thomas Losnegard (NOR)
Equal 5th        Vera Brümmer (GER)              Nadine Wachsmuth (GER)
Equal 5th        Howard Carter (AUS)              Mehmet Uygur (USA)
Equal 5th        Frédéric Derbré (FRA)             Rebecca Willcocks (UK)
Equal 5th        Jana Fleischmann (GER)          Jesus Gustavo Ponce González (ESP)
Equal 5th        Juliette Stebbing (UK)              Knut Eirik Dalene (NOR)

YIA 2010 facts

Total of YIA applicants: 271
Total of YIA participants: 137
Total of YIA oral presentations: 57
Total of YIA poster presentations: 80

ECSS Scientific Board and Committee (YIA reviewers)

Chair: Prof. Anton Wagenmakers

Prof. Peter Bärtsch, GER                   Prof. Jan Cabri, POR
Prof. Flemming Dela, DEN                Prof. Paavo Komi, FIN
Prof. Erich Müller, AUT                     Prof. Gertrud Pfister, DEN
Prof. Natalia Balague, ESP                Prof. Daniela Caporossi, ITA
Dr. Nenad Dikic, SCG                       Prof. Joan Duda, GBR
Prof. Michael Grey, DEN                   Prof. Daniel Green, GBR
Prof. Steve Harridge, GBR                Prof. Werner Helsen, BEL
Prof. Asker Jeukendrup, GBR            Prof. Luc van Loon, NED
Prof. Mike McNamee, GBR                Prof. Mark Williams, GBR
Prof. Hermann Schwameder, GER

YIA background

One of the key objectives of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) is the promotion of junior scientists and the fostering of state‐of‐the‐art research. In this spirit the Young Investigators Awards (YIA), hosted by the annual ECSS Congresses are acknowledged international sport scientific awards. Since the inauguration of the ECSS Congresses in 1996, Mars Inc. as a founding partner of the ECSS sponsors the YIA with generous cash prices to support up‐coming junior scientists, who present outstanding scientific work at the annual ECSS congresses in both oral and poster presentations. Today the ECSS and Mars Inc. proudly look back to a history of more than 290 YIA winners from different areas of sport scientific research.


ECSS 2010 Congress facts

Total congress participants: 1584
Total of submitted and reviewed abstract: 1447
Total number of participating countries: 57


Young Investigator Award winners 2010         ECSS congress participants in the audience

ECSS volunteers 2010                                  ECSS congress participants during a break


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