The ECSS offers individual membership to scientists active in the field of sport science with the objective of creating a multi-disciplinary European – even worldwide – network for scientific exchange and interaction. Being an ECSS Member offers the opportunity to become part of this network and actively participate in the sport scientific exchange. This is strengthened by various membership benefits offered to the ECSS community and enjoyed by all ECSS members.

Members comprise scientists from all areas of sport science, such as adapted physical activity, biochemistry, biomechanics, chronic disease and exercise, coaching and performance, doping, education, engineering and technology, environmental physiology, ethics, exercise and health, exercise, lifestyle and fitness, gender in sports, growth and development, human performance and aging, management and sport law, molecular biology and genetics, motor control and learning, muscle mechanics and neuromuscular control, muscle metabolism and haemodynamics, nutrition and exercise, overtraining, physiology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports history, sports medicine, sports pedagogy, sports philosophy, sports psychology, sports sociology, training and testing.

The ECSS experiences a continuous membership growth.

ECSS membership development. As of 4th October 2016.