Congress facts

  • Total number of congress participants: 1584
  • Total number of participating countries: 57
  • Plenary sessions 4
  • Invited symposia
  • Oral presentations
  • Poster presentations

Scientific highlights – plenary sessions


  • Healthy Ageing - Does Exercise Matter?
  • Role of Exercise and Appetite Regulation
  • Expertise and Skill Learning in Sport and Physical Activity
  • Optimizing Elite Performance

ECSS Young Investigators Award 2010

  • Total of YIA applicants: 271
  • Total of YIA participants: 138

1st Rank

Oral presentation

Poster presentation

Congress venue

Themed “Sport Science: Where the cultures meet” the 15th annual congress of the European College of Sport Science – ECSS Antalya 2010 was held in the Adam & Eve Hotel & Convention Centre. Located between an extensive forest in the Belek region and the unspoilt beaches of the Mediterranean shore, both the hotel and its convention center were post-modern works of art, providing us with an experience of a visual provocative design statement.

More ECSS Antalya 2010 images on Flickr - here.