Congress facts

  • Total number of congress participants: 1937
  • Total number of participating countries: 60
  • Plenary sessions 4
  • Invited symposia 116
  • Oral presentations 411
  • Poster presentations 1230

Scientific highlights – plenary sessions


  • For the Challenge of Reducing Sedentary Activity in Humanss
  • In the Role of exercise in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
  • For (Para)Olympism in 2012 and Beyond
  • In the Integration of Science and Football (Dedicated to Prof. Tom Reilly)

ECSS Young Investigators Award 2011

  • Total of YIA applicants: 300
  • Total of YIA participants: 210

1st Rank

Oral presentation

Poster presentation

Congress venue

Themed “New Horizons from a world Heritage City” the 16th annual congress of the European College of Sport Science – ECSS Liverpool 2011 was held in the ACC Liverpool BT convention centre. Having opened its doors for the first time as the city celebrated European Capital of Culture in 2008 the ACC is located on the historic, world heritage waterfront at the heart of Liverpool.

This state of the art convention centre to us, was the precondition to organise this most successful conference with close to 2.000 participants from 60 nations worldwide. Beautifully located in the Albert Docks, the BT convention centre became home to us during the 4 days of our congress.  The level of professionalism is outstanding all the way from security to senior management who have been a pleasure to work with. The annual congress of the European College of Sport Science follows a rotation principle all across Europe with coming up events in Bruges, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Malmö, but returning to Liverpool will always be an option.

More ECSS Liverpool 2011 images on Flickr - here.